Steam Boiler

Onec-Through Boiler / Small type BoilerRBO(Refine Booster)Series

Easy to operate, safe to use, saving energy. The newest model of high efficiency gas fueled boiler

  • Model RBO-750GN,1000GN,1500GN,2000GN RBO-750PGN,1000PGN,1500PGN,2000PGN、2500PGN
  • Fuel GAS(LNG / LPG)
  • Equivalent Evaporation 750・1000・1500・2000・2500 kg
  • Boiler efficiency 90% without economizer 97 ~ 98% with economizer


  • Highly efficient economical type boiler: more than 90%
  • High steam dryness : more than 99.5%
  • Standard equipment, "invertor" reduces electricity consumption
  • Easy operation by simple control panel
  • Durable round shape boiler body structure
  • Low Nox burner : less than 40ppm

*Condition: O2=0% value, 13A actual measure, room temp. 30℃, humidity 65%.
Nox value changes by fuel condition, room temp., humidity.