Steam Boiler

RBO(Refine Booster)Series

Easy to control, safe to use, economical to budget.
The newest model of high capacity oil fueled Boiler

  • Model RBO-750LN,1000LN,1500LN,2000LN
  • Fuel Oil(Kerosene/ Heavy Oil A)
  • Equivalent Evaporation Equivalent Evaporation : 750 ~ 2500kg/h
  • Boiler efficiency Boiler efficiency: 90% without economizer 95% with economizer


Super saving energy system achieved by...

  • High boiler efficiency
  • 99.5% high dryness of steam
  • Invertor controlled blower motor
  • 3-position combustion control

Easy operation by clear condition notice.
High performance efficiency saves your money, Surpressed less than 40ppm NOx saves our environment.