Food Processing Equipment

Heated jet water cooking sterilizer Retort machine (sterilizer) for large quantitySGC

"SAMSON" retort machine enables you to cook and sterilize a wide variety of foods


  • HACCP standard sterilization
     Monitor "F-Value" to evaluate how sterilization progress goes
  • Low-High Temp. control
     Accurate Temp. control from 60℃ to 130℃
  • Large quantity cooking/sterilizing
     Depending on the volume, from 156 packs to 3,840 packs
     can be cooked/sterilized at a time
  • Operation settings / Easy operation
     50 different operation settings can be registered
  • Pressure control
     Prevent air-contained packages from damage by controlling pressure


Canned foods, Curry, Stew, Brown Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Soup, Meat, Fish, Beans, Corn, Jam, Pudding, Rice Porridge etc...