Food Processing Equipment

Heated Jet Water Cooking Sterilizer Retort machine (sterilizer) for Large QuantitySGC

"SGC type" retort machine enables you to cook and sterilize a wide variety of foods. As you can do cooking and sterilize process at a time total procedure will be intensively shorten. Since it showers high tempature water evenly in its tank. With its huge pressure tank more than a thousand packs of retort food can be cooked at a time.

  • Model
    mm 1cart 2carts 3carts 4carts
    600 SGC60/10D      
    800 SGC80/10D SGC80/20D    
    1000   SGC100/20D SGC100/30D  
    1200 SGC120/10D SGC120/20D SGC120/30D SGC120/40D


Super saving energy system achieved by...

  • HACCP standard sterilization.
     Moniter "F-Value" to evaluate how sterilization progress goes
  • Low-High tempature control
     Accurate tempature control from 60 degree to 130 degree
  • Large quantity cooking
     Depending on the volume, from 144 packs to 3,480 packs can be cooked at a time.
  • Operation settings / Easy operation
     50 different operation settings can be stored.
     You can repeat each operation just by pushing one buttton
  • Delicate pressure management
     Prevent damages to aeration packs by controlling internal pressure


Can, Curry, Stew, Brown Sause, Pasta Sause, Soup, Boil Plain, Meat, Fish, Beans, Corn, Jam, Pudding, Rice Porridge etc...