Food Processing Equipment

Vacuum CoolerSVC-35RCL~SVC-160S

Ensures the safety of food by rapid cooling in a short period uniformly from the inside of food that has been cooked. Food in 20 - 50degree tempature zone is likely to be polluted by bacterias, our Vacuum cooler increase sanitarity by passing that tempature zone in only a few minute.

  • Model 35kg ~ 160kg.
    We have valuous models depending on your purpose and food quantity.


  • Tough structure
      introduced durable ejecter system to evacuate.
  • High sanitarity
     Antibacterial material is used for drain pan, shelf board and control panel.
  • Quiet operation
     Only 65dB in front of the machine.
  • Sterilization filter
     Prevent bacterias to enter cooling tank while vacuuming.
  • Dry system
     Prevent leaking of water from the body.

Difference between blast chiller